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AJS Rally 2019 -

Expedition to the North

We are all just back from the 2019 AJS rally, a fantastic event organised by Pete & Gwen. 

Gathering at Burnhopeside Hall in Lanchester the evening before, the 13 members in 5 AJS cars were all keen to set off on Day 1 of this year's rally. Unfortunately the Barton car failed to start and after a couple of hours trying to get her started, Barbara, Caroline & Martin had no choice but to follow behind in their 'modern' car, disappointing, although it proved useful later in the week. 

After a coffee stop at the Duke of Wellington, most members went on to visit the National Trust property at Craigside , the family home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and industrialist. before going on to our hotel for the evening, the Coquetvale Hotel at Rothbury. 

Day 2 saw the intrepid group leave the Coquetvale Hotel heading for Alnwick where some visited Alnwick Castle & gardens,  an iconic castle dating back to the Norman period, since 1309 the castle has been intertwined with the Percy Family as well as being a military outpost, a teaching college, a refuge for evacuees  and a film set, most notably for the Harry Potter movies. Others went to Barter Books at the old station, probably the worlds biggest 2nd hand book store. 

After lunch we moved on to Chillingham Castle one of the most haunted castle in England, and a fascinating collection of the owners memorabilia. 

Before moving on to our hotel for the next two nights, the Longstone Hotel at Seahouses. 

The following day (Day 3) we had a fantastic boat trip around the Faroe Islands where we saw a variety of birds including puffins as well as seals 

In the afternoon we moved onto Holy Island of Lindisfarne. No photographs at present, but you can follow the link below to see the AJS's across the causeway


Tuesday (Day 4) had supposed to see us all move on to Kelso, but (despite what the photos reflect) it had been raining heavily throughout our trip and it was predicted to be particularly bad on the Wednesday when we would have had a long drive back to Lanchester and so the decision was made to return to Burnhopeside Hall a day early. The drive back took us through part of Northumberland National Park and part of the drive followed the route of Hadrians Wall. 

Arriving back at Burnhopeside Hall, Caroline & Martin were pleased to find the Barton car 'safe and sound' and with a little help were able to get her going. 

The next day (Day 5) we made an unplanned visit to the excellent Shildon Railway Museum "Locomotion"  

And in the evening we had a fabulous "indoor barbecue" at Pete and Gwen's

The final day of the rally was spent at the Beamish open air museum. 

Thank you to Pete & Gwen for all your hard work in organising a brilliant rally, shame the weather got the better of us on occasions. I would say that's what happens when "you go up north" but on this occasion the bad weather was countrywide. 


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