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1993 - Inaugural meeting 

The inaugural meeting of the AJS Car Club took place on Sunday 24 October 1993 at The Crown Inn, Hopton Wafers, Nr Cleobury, Shropshire. 

The attendees included Peter Hubbard, Chris Eyre, Peter Bramwell, David Lomas, Geoff and Alec Stevens as well as Steve Mills, the author of "AJS of Wolverhampton" (quoted elsewhere on this site). 

John Goose (shown next to his AJS in the centre picture) drove all the way there from Saffron Walden and back, returning in the dark!!

Origins of the club

The very start of the AJS Car Club could be traced back to 1973 when Tony Morgan (here writing to Graeme Ward)  undertook the task of locating all AJS car owners. His list was the start of Peter's continued efforts in 1993 and onwards. The result is our current 30+ members with 40 cars, and they still continue to turn up. 

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