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AJS Rally 2000 - Australia

Merv & Marg Kroll, two of our Australian members were over in the UK and attended the 1997 event during which he suggested that the Club visited Australia for the Millenium celebrations. 

As three AJS cars would just fit into a 12m shipping container, three UK members agreed to accept the challenge. Unfortunately, one of those members passed away leaving the Milne-Taylors and the Hubbards to complete the trip. 

Merv is a member of the Brisbane Classic Car Club and organised that the AJS Car Club was invited to attend their annual rally. Rob & Collen Smyth + son + AJS motorcycle came up all the way from Adelaide together with the Stevens - Australia family - Colin & Meridith. Alec Stevens en-route home from the Worldwide AJS motorcycle rally in New Zealand also stopped off and joined the fun. 

WOW - what a great two weeks was spent in the Brisbane area with invites to many car related events, a trip out on Merv's twin engined powerboat, B-B-Q,s most evenings especially with Dublin Bay Bugs on the menu. Hubbards car is renown for producing smoke!. For the main car rally attended, the Milne-Taylors arrived wearing WW2 gas masks and Alec dressed up as Lawrence of Arabia with a large scarf around his mouth. 

Great memories

Photos from Australia

Click here for photos of AJS trip to Australia

2000 - National Motorcycle Museum, Gayden

Later in 2000, Club members visited the National Motorcycle Museum & Heritage Centre at Gayden. 

Pictured from left are - Bernard, Pat, Philip, Heather, Victoria & Alex, Gill, Geoff Stevens, Jim Stevens, Peter, Alec Stevens, Chris and Graham. 

1998 - BMI Marston

The itinery for this years meeting was as follows:

Saturday 19th September 

  • BMI Marston Ltd - Tour of museum & buffet lunch
  • Trip on Severn Valley Railway
  • Afternoon tea  with David & Margaret Lomas
  • Evening meal at "The Fighting Cocks", Stottesdon
The photo below shows (from the left) Geoff Stevens, Peter. David Lomas and his wife, Gill and Chris with Alec Stevens (lying down).  

Sunday 20th September

Arrive BMI Marston Trip and parade to Dudley Country Black Museum Ltd. 

The photo below shows the following at the opening of the BMI Marston Museum - from left - ??? (Marston official), Jim Stevens, Alec Stevens, Geoff Stevens and Brian (Marston official). 

Photos of the 1998 meeting 

Click here to see photos of the 1998 meeting

1997 - Elton Hall, Peterborough

On 25th and 26th May 1997 the AJS Car Club were at Elton Hall at Peterborough and attended an exhibition at the Showground. 

1996 - "Century of Motoring", NEC 

The highlight of the year was the Auto Windscreen "Century of Motoring" Car Show held at the NEC on 4th to 6th May 1996. 

The AJS Car Club had a stand where Peter Hubbard's two seater and Peter Bramwell's four seater (all the way from Durham) were located inside on the stand and Alec had his two seater outside as part of the cavalcade. 

At least 5 other AJS Car Owners turned up, plus we discovered GK6513 the two seater being restored for the National Motorcycle Museum. Don Grouse also bought along a tuner from a 1930's AJS radio which created great interest. 

During the show we discovered 2 old original sales brochures of the AJS Car, the 9hp together with original covering letter from the AJS Sales Department and a very rare original colour brochure of the infamous 12 hp car which was apparently on show at the 1932 Motor Show in London. 

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