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After the demise of A.J.S, the five Stevens brothers; Harry, George, Joe, Jack and Billie formed a new company "Stevens Brothers (Wolverhampton) Ltd" in 1932 to design and develop the "Stevens Light Commercial Vehicle". 

Based on a prototype built in 1921 it was a three wheeler which used motorcycle technology with the steering wheel carried on heavy duty motorcycle forks. The advert comes from April 1933. 

The vehicles sold quite well and an improved version was launched in 1935 which sold for £93. 9s. 0d. It was also available as an open truck.

Production continued until late 1936 by which time sales had declined as customers turned to four wheel models. Only about 500 Stevens vans were built of which few are known to have survived, one of which is in the Black Country Museum. 

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The Company also produced a number of engines for E.C. Humphries of OK Supreme Company and AJW using the "Ajax" name. 

Stevens Brothers (Wolverhampton) Ltd couldn't support all 5 directors so in 1934 Joe and Jack left to start their own company "Wolverhampton Auto Machinists Ltd". 

Between 1934 and 1938 Stevens Brothers produced 1,000 motorcycles. Models include

  • Stevens 249cc DS1 OHV
  • Stevens 349cc LL4 OHV
  • Stevens 500CC LP5 & HP6
  • Stevens 500cc OHV Competition Model

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During the war Steven Brothers (Wolverhampton) Ltd manufactured and machined components for aircraft companies. 

In 1950, after the death of the five brothers,  Stevens Brothers (Wolverhampton) Ltd was sold and the family once again concentrated on Stevens Screw Company.  

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